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Software consulting companies play a crucial role in today’s technology-driven world.

They specialize in providing expert advice, solutions, and services to clients who need software-related assistance. In addition to doing that, these companies help clients identify, plan, develop, and implement software solutions to meet their business needs and objectives.

However, what makes software consultancy so special, or a software consultancy company, unique?

The ideation behind software consulting businesses stems from the increasing complexity of software development and the growing demand for specialized expertise.

Software development has become a multifaceted and intricate process that requires diverse skills, including coding, testing, architecture, design, project management, and quality assurance.

As businesses strive to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape, they often need external guidance and support to navigate the complexities of software development effectively.

One can argue that since consultancy is expensive to afford, it is “better” to keep software design and development in-house.

Yes, that’s true, and you could cut down on extra expenses. However, in-house teams aren’t the best when it comes to small businesses or organizations that can only manage to hire beginner to mid-level software developers.

Software consultants, especially when they’re in team form, can do years’ worth of work in months, with higher satisfaction rates, etc. But the caveat in this situation is that you need to be in touch with professionals, and not just any run-of-the-mill software consulting company.

What is Software Consulting, and Why is it Important for Businesses?

The best software consulting companies are all about offering expert B2B-focused help for your tech needs in business. It covers many aspects, like creating and using software, keeping your data safe, and making sense of your data.

You’re tapping into tech experts ‘ knowledge when you team up with software consulting companies. This is particularly important because it lets your business focus on what it does best while still taking advantage of technology. 

With the know-how of qualified software consultants, businesses can foster in any area of their business related to software development and technology.

Choosing Top Software Consultants: Key Factors

  • Reputation and Experience: A firm’s reputation and years in the industry signify reliability and trustworthiness.  Experience often translates into a deeper understanding of client needs. Choosing a service provider with 3-5 years of experience is advisable.
  • Project Success: Past success demonstrates a firm’s ability to deliver on promises and meet client expectations, reducing project-related risks.
  • Service Quality: High service quality ensures that you receive effective and efficient solutions, saving time and resources.
  • Expertise: Due to the multi-faceted nature of the role, a knowledgeable team is essential to handle complex issues that can arise at the technical and customer side of operations.
  • Innovation Commitment: Staying current with tech trends ensures the firm can provide modern solutions that align with industry standards and future-proof your projects.
  • Company Size: Company size matters as it can indicate their capacity to handle projects of different scales and complexity. Big software consulting companies often have a good reputation but can be slow to adapt and make large projects run smoothly due to their strict procedures. In contrast, smaller software firms are usually more flexible and agile.
  • Pricing: When you’re working with a software consulting service provider, it’s crucial to discuss your objectives and goals openly. Equally important is to listen to their input and concerns. This feedback can be valuable for refining your project and making it more effective.
  • During these conversations, take the time to explore the pricing of software consulting services from different software consulting companies. Create a list and then decide based on finding the right balance between the best price and the most comprehensive offering. This way, you can ensure you get the most value for your investment.
software consulting company

Software consulting companies are rapidly becoming instrumental for organizations in this digital age. As the demand for digitization becomes more widespread, businesses of all sizes have grown to rely on consulting services to navigate the complexities of technology and maximize opportunities for growth.

The top firms in this sector primarily focus on innovative strategies such as sales & market, digital business transformation, and merger & acquisition, in order to stay ahead of the competition and become global leaders.

The best software consulting companies, big or small are tapping into these services as they work towards achieving their goals with greater agility and efficiency.

As technology advances, so does the size of the software consulting industry. Currently valued at US$218.60 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16%, this industry continues to demonstrate its immense potential.

Companies big and small are tapping into these services as they work towards achieving their goals with greater agility and efficiency.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing and mobile computing, businesses can reduce costs while improving performance wherever applicable.

With increased digitization on the horizon, it is expected that even more companies will seek out software consulting companies in order to experience improved success rates through automation and process optimization tools.

40 Best Software Consulting Companies to Guide Your Business in 2023

software consulting business

Before we delve into listing down the best software consulting companies, do know that determining the “best” part can be subjective and dependent on various factors such as industry domain, project requirements, geographical location, and client preferences.

However, these companies have known their forte’ for a long time now. We handpicked these consultancy businesses to help you develop the best software consulting companies’ product to date.

Let’s get started.

1. BlueZorro:


Hailing from Pakistan, BlueZorro is a relatively new name when compared to the rest of the software consultants from around the world.

However, what they “lack” in foundational years’ history, they make up for it through robust turnover, a delightful customer experience, and an overall high feasibility margin for clients.

According to the experts, BlueZorro stands out among the leading app development companies in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to custom software development and user-centric innovation, combining our skills and experience to bring your project to life.

As one of the top product development companies in the industry, we take pride in our expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Our team is committed to providing cost-effective solutions that not only meet your business needs but also deliver tangible benefits.

With our comprehensive services and a focus on user experience, BlueZorro is well-equipped to handle your app development requirements, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome for your project.

Product Development

To get started, we’ll work closely with you to scope out your requirements and identify your needs. Then, we’ll develop a prototype to make sure the product meets your unique requirements.

Together, we’ll create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that’s built to your exact specifications and ready to scale. We’re excited to work with you!

We’re proud to say that our clients are satisfied because they have access to the world’s top talent through us. We assign dedicated development teams to businesses so we can fulfill their needs and help them achieve their goals.

Dedicated Teams

We believe that building high-quality software and requires a dedicated development team that works well together. That’s why we offer different types of dedicated development teams: dedicated software development teams and dedicated project teams.

Our dedicated software development team can help you build software solutions that meet your unique business requirements. We also offer dedicated project teams that specialize in mobile app development and can work with you from ideation to deployment, helping you bring your mobile app ideas to life.

With BlueZorro, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands and will be completed on time and within budget. We’re here to help you succeed!

Custom Application Development

We believe in digital innovation and value-driven solutions. We want to help businesses optimize their operations through custom application development. We know that every business is unique, so we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our team includes top global tech talent and we use the latest technological tools to ensure your product has a big impact in the market! We offer high-quality custom application development services, including custom mobile app development and web application development.

Whether you’re a startup, SMB, or enterprise, our services are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you create a custom application that will take your business to the next level!

Web Application

We specialize in custom web app development services that include web application design. Our goal is to simplify your business processes, allowing your company to thrive. We understand the importance of staying competitive in a fast-paced and dynamic market, which is why we offer top-notch services to help you achieve that edge.

Our services cover all aspects of web app development, from design to development and maintenance. As a professional web app development company, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible services.

Mobile Application

BlueZorro provides expert mobile application development services to help businesses improve their digital presence and reach their target audience. Our mobile app solutions are secure, scalable, and user-friendly, catering to both Android and iOS platforms.

Our custom mobile application development is based on extensive consumer research and usability testing, allowing you to stand out from your competitors. Our team of skilled developers believes in creating unique and user-friendly mobile applications for every business. Whether you require a native or hybrid app, our development services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

With our mobile application development service, you can be confident that your app will provide the best user experience, meet your business objectives, and provide a seamless experience across all platforms.

Unlock the Power of Mobile Excellence with Our App Services

Our Mobile App Services empower your business in the digital age. We combine creativity and innovation to craft mobile solutions that engage users and drive results. Whether it’s iOS or Android, we ensure your app delivers exceptional experiences, functionality, and a competitive edge in today’s mobile-centric landscape.

Clientele and Use Cases

In terms of clients, BZ has worked with some of the bigwigs in the industry, such as; Cisco, Pure Sukun, RivePoint, Albertsons Companies, and vice versa.

2. Accenture


Accenture is one of the best tech consulting companies globally. Established in 1989, they’ve been aiding businesses to reach new horizons for over 30 years and have become one of the world’s most admired software consulting companies according to Fortune magazine in 2020.

They provide effective solutions to a myriad of industries including business strategy, AI, automation, and a great deal more.

Accenture prides itself on helping clients achieve their aspirations with their innovative outlook and excellent products. It works ceaselessly to help make their work environment a sustainable and inclusive one – this made them ranked #1 for gender equality three times in 2020 alone.

With its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, many branches spread across the world including Buenos Aires, Ebene, Barangaroo, Brussels Kfar Saba, Arizona, and Lima are run perfectly by 11000+ employees making sure Accenture is the best it can be.

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3. Deloitte


Deloitte is a global leader in consulting and advisory services, providing solutions to 85 percent of the Fortune 500 companies in the US. For over 175 years, Deloitte has established itself as the preeminent professional service provider for individuals and corporate entities alike.

Deloitte’s services span across areas such as auditing, tax, technology, strategy & operations, corporate finance & enterprise risk management, and legal & regulatory compliance.

Deloitte’s commitment to making a positive social impact is seen through their clients – some of which are governments, international organizations, and NGOs that require reliable advice on complex sustainability issues. They aim to be an open hub of practices and feeling free to ask questions helps find better solutions that achieve business ambitions.

Through its extensive network of offices located in Yerevan, Sarajevo, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver Nicosia, Athens and Erbil, and Prishtina; along with over 3.45 million + employees globally; Deloitte thrives for excellence by continuously innovating themselves keeping abreast with technological advances.

Furthermore, it prides itself on providing excellent customer service along with user-friendly products whose primary goal is to make the lives of its customers easier and more

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4. IBM


IBM, or International Business Machines, is a global technology company founded in 1911 in New York City. Since then it has become a leader in the information technology industry with its computing solutions and services.

Throughout its long history, IBM has been committed to applying intelligence and science through technology to improve business, communities, and people’s lives.

It constantly strives to find new ways of using artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain technologies, quantum computing, and more –all with the goal of helping companies transform their businesses.

The company offers a wide range of products, including servers, storage devices, networking systems, models for data analysis, transaction processing systems, and much more.

In addition to its hardware offerings, IBM also provides consulting services that help companies identify growth opportunities and digital transformation initiatives that will enable them to make fast progress.

Its rank as of the best software consulting companies around can be attributed to it’s team of experts who work closely with customers on every step of their digital journey; from strategy building to system integration and implementation. To meet the specific challenges faced by customers from different industries around the world they have plenty of knowledgeable professionals scattered in almost 300 offices located across over 170 countries.

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5. ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft is an IT consulting and software development company that has been in the industry for 33 years. During this time, they have worked on over 3,300 projects, getting an extensive understanding of the field. They offer both industry-agnostic and industry-specific software services to ensure they can meet any customer’s needs.

Their ultimate goal is not only providing great software but helping businesses with their transformation processes so that they can become more efficient and resilient.

ScienceSoft upholds a quality management system that complies with renowned ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards to guarantee excellent results and data security. Additionally, many of their clients are long-term partners up to two years or longer, ensuring trust along the process and providing constant support for all customers as needed.

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6. iTechArt Group

iTechArt Group

iTechArt Group is an industry-leading custom software development company founded in 2002 and based in New York, USA. With over 3,500 expert engineers across 20+ cities in 10+ countries, iTechArt has become one of the top software development companies providing effective technology services for fast-growing businesses and startups.

What makes iTechArt unique is that it provides a flexible approach to problem-solving that combines using best practices from time-tested methods with cutting-edge technologies.

Their unique balance of performance and possibility brings about scalable, future-proof solutions tailored to their client’s needs. Among their core services are strategic consulting solutions that help clients address key pain points related to technology issues, hiring quality engineers, market challenges, and startup growth.

iTechArt also provides full stack development technology services such as engineering teams creation, tech stack selection process, and building customized plans to ensure reliable final product and ongoing maintenance.

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7. Skelia


Skelia is an IT, Engineering, and Outsourcing services provider that offers a wide range of innovative business solutions. Established in 2008 and based in Windhof, Luxembourg, Skelia works with clients around the world to identify the best talents for their IT and engineering needs. This includes services such as server patching, new service installations, upgrades, and virtualization.

Furthermore, Skelia is dedicated to providing consultancy services for setting up or expanding IT and engineering companies in Eastern Europe. They understand the need for businesses to capitalize on this region’s potential talent pool and are highly experienced at building cross-border teams from these offices. At present, they have offices in New York City, Kyiv (Ukraine), Lviv (Ukraine), Krakow (Poland), London (United Kingdom), and Breda (The Netherlands).

With 200-500 staff all over these locations working hand-in-hand with their international clientele to provide the best solutions and realize desired outcomes that are above expectations; Skelia has quickly become a go-to provider of unparalleled IT and engineering services around the world.

8. Integrative Systems

Integrative Systems

Integrating Systems is a software engineering and consultancy services company that focuses on providing innovative technology solutions for businesses.

The company has been in operation since 2001, with its headquarters located in Illinois, USA. With over 20 years of experience and technical expertise, they strive to ease complicated business problems to create personalized solutions and increase business standards.

Integrating Systems employs over 200-500 professionals who are passionate about creating customized, dynamic systems that align with the client’s needs.

Their core services include software architecture and design, development of custom software applications, website & web application design & development, enterprise mobility & system integration, product testing & support services, data analytics solutions & implementations, and cloud computing solutions.

Additionally, Integrating Systems offers maintenance services to maintain tailored software applications after their launch. As a global organization with an international reach, they have branch offices across Pune that provide ongoing local customer service support for their overseas clients. Integrating Systems prides itself in providing prompt efficient services while adapting quickly to technological trends and evolving market demands.

9. Mckinsey & Company

Mckinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is one of the leading management consulting companies with branches spread across the globe. Founded in 1926 by James O McKinsey, they are known for their superior problem-solving capability and for delivering tailored solutions to their customer’s needs and demands.

Their consultants constitute a team of highly skilled professionals which include doctors, engineers, researchers, data scientists, business managers, and other similarly talented individuals. They also take up projects from public councils, non-governmental organizations, and corporate bodies all around the world.

One of the unique features that sets apart McKinsey & Company is their capacity to offer solutions within any range across all industrial sectors while keeping a customer-focused approach.

Their worldwide reach has allowed them to craft knowledgeable teams of experts wherever they go thus enabling local knowledge attainment at every corner they work at.

With 34,000+ employees assigned all over the world in offices such as Luanda, Cairo, Nairobi, and Jakarta among others. Indeed it is remarkable the success accomplished by such an innovative company that has not just remained constant but expanded so far since its inception almost a century ago!

10. Bain & Company

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is one of the leading global software consulting companies based in Boston, USA.

Founded in 1973, Bain now employs over 10,000 people in locations all over the world, providing services and solutions to some of the most challenging issues faced by organizations today.

At its core, Bain focuses on six main areas: strategy, marketing, operations, IT and digital transformation, advanced analytics and transformation sustainability, and corporate finance.

Their team of industry experts deploys integrated solutions to help their clients achieve faster results that are sustainable over time.

The ever-changing environment of industries across the globe requires modern answers that are tailored specifically for each organization and Bain ensures that their clients get the right advice to overcome these challenges with lasting solutions.

11. Tata Consulting Services

Tata Consulting Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the largest IT consulting and services companies in India. Founded in 1968, TCS has grown to have more than 556,986 employees located in cities around the globe including Calgary, Montreal, Dallas, Houston, Arizona, Bogota, Medellin, Mexico City, Espoo, and Paris.

TCS provides an array of services tailored for both large and small businesses. They possess a deep understanding of their customers and how technology can help make their operations run smoother and operate more efficiently.

At TCS they strive to help companies ride out disruptions with intelligence and innovation through the use of data analytics to understand different business models across industries as well as customizing solutions for each client’s individual industry needs.

Through big data solutions offered by TCS, they provide clients with goal-oriented recommendations to overcome any obstacles or challenges they may be facing due to the current disruption in their business landscape.

On top of this, they also offer customer experience solutions that help measure success while providing personalized support tools which better engage customers on every level ranging from marketing campaigns down to customer service representatives.

12. Campgemini


Capgemini is one of the world’s leading software consulting and services companies. Founded in 1967, they have over 10,001 employees across many countries including Paris, Casablanca, Claremont, Alphaville, Blumenau, Halifax, Toronto, Santiago, Alpharetta, and Austin.

They design custom solutions for each client that combine cutting-edge technology with strategy and data science to deliver outstanding results.

From cloud migration and big data analytics to artificial intelligence (AI) and DevOps engineering, Capgemini helps clients across multiple industries to innovate within their niche.

Their skills go beyond understanding IT trends; their comprehensive knowledge base enables them to offer actionable insights based on market demands and user preferences.

With an increased focus on agile processes that prioritize speed and scalability at every stage of problem-solving, Campgemini is a software consulting business that can help you quickly launch your project while delivering the desired outcomes for maximum growth potential.

13. BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group, or BCG for short, is a powerhouse management consulting firm that has been at the forefront of transforming businesses since it was established in 1963. BCG works with its customers to help identify and maximize their competitive advantage by analyzing their business challenges and developing tailor-made strategies to overcome them.

Through management consulting, technology, and design services, and corporate and digital ventures, BCG provides innovative solutions that create successful outcomes leading to sustainable growth.

BCG’s team of experts comes from a diverse range of backgrounds with deep knowledge in various sectors and industries. They embrace a unique approach that looks beyond a problem’s surface area to uncover opportunities for innovation and positive disruption.

From its 24 offices located worldwide, BCG looks for ways to solve complex business problems using broad expertise gained through years of experience. This contributes to building more profitable organizations while working toward creating a better society as well. BCG’s commitment to excellence is evident from the quality of their services and has rightfully earned them a favorable reputation alongside some of our other mentions in this list of best software consulting companies.

14. is a tech company based in Lisbon, Portugal that specializes in product innovation and software development.

They were founded in 2011 with a team of experienced professionals from various backgrounds and have been helping businesses successfully navigate the world of modern technology ever since.

Possessing a founding corporate background gives their team a competitive edge when it comes to understanding customer requirements and delivering quality results through effective solutions.

The core services offered by include full-scale software development, agile product design, mobile app development, financial services sector consultancy, UI/UX design, QA testing, and system architecture.

This multi-faceted approach allows their customers to benefit from an all-in-one service provider that can offer complete coverage for their technological needs. Their solutions protect against flaws while also emphasizing innovation as they assist clients in building products featuring the most refined features that can be tailored to any specific requirement.

15. Eleks


Eleks is a custom software development firm and consultation center located in Lviv, Ukraine. Founded in 1991, the company has grown to serve businesses worldwide from its locations in London, Kyiv, Lviv, Berlin, Las Vegas, Toronto, Chicago, and Michigan.

They have over 1000 employees working for them with a commitment to quality control and customer service that sets them apart from their competitors.

Eleks has developed reliable solutions for its customers in the fields of product design, software development, QA testing, and consulting services.

Their expertise allows them to provide their clients with guidance when selecting the proper software needed for their products and services as well as transferring risk associated with adopting new technologies like DevOps or Big Data processing into tangible success measurements.

As an ethical business, they offer full transparency and adhere to all local regulations allowing companies to trust Eleks without any hesitation.

16. Atomic Object

Atomic Object

Atomic Object is a software design and development consulting firm that was founded in 2001. With expertise in frameworks, languages, and tools, Atomic Object helps its clients decide on the right software for their business that will improve standards without causing undue overhead costs.

They provide custom software development services to make sure that their clients are getting the most efficient and user-friendly solutions possible.

Beyond just providing services, Atomic Object also has offices located in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Chicago offering a variety of opportunities for developers, designers, project managers, and other professionals of all skill levels.

Employees at Atomic Object take their position in the software consulting business with pride and can be sure that they will work on projects with experienced coworkers to bring ideas to life. They develop well-crafted applications with professionalism and precision while providing superior customer support.

Atomic Object prides itself on having enterprise-level designing techniques together with cutting-edge practices from across different industries such as finance or healthcare.

Their team looks to build lasting relationships with customers built on trust and continuous collaboration towards common goals; their mission is to always provide excellent results through agile processes while maintaining the highest quality standards.



DICEUS is an IT consulting and custom software development company based in Delaware, USA. With 12 years of experience, DICEUS offers an in-depth software audit and analysis of business systems. Their services include understanding the IT environment, as well as providing IT strategy and planning tailored to each business’s needs.

They also offer market-fit analysis and project risk management services that can help businesses identify potential issues before they become major problems.

The company has a significant international presence with offices across Europe such as Austria, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Poland, Lithuania, UAE, and Ukraine; in addition to its headquarters in the US. Furthermore, they provide core services such as cloud consulting which helps businesses optimize their resource usage by taking advantage of modern cloud technology.

By offering these high-quality services with a global reach, DICEUS has established itself as one of the leading best software consulting companies in the world.

18. Infosys


Infosys is a worldwide leader in software and business consulting services. Operating in over fifty countries across the globe, the company works with leading organizations and institutions to provide specialized information technology solutions that help businesses navigate their digital transformation journey.

No matter the industry, Infosys solutions are designed to help accomplish business goals.

They offer core services such as management consulting, application development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These services enable companies of all sizes to maximize efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

In order to continuously improve the services they provide, Infosys has invested time and effort into research and development. This commitment has resulted in an impressive portfolio of successful projects that have helped clients reach their desired outcomes.

With nearly 300,000 employees around the world at its headquarters in Bengaluru, India as well as Nova Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Santiago, Costa Rica Monterrey Atlanta Lima Charlotte, and various other locations around the world, Infosys is an innovation powerhouse that provides dependable end-to-end solutions for businesses across industries.

19. Instinctools


Instinctools is a tech firm based in the Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This company offers tailored solutions to its customers that will help them undergo digital transformation and revolutionize their operations. Instinctools has experience helping clients across multiple industries such as retail, travel, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The company’s team of talented technologists has the expertise to assist customers in finding solutions for complex challenges and producing measurable outcomes.

They understand specific sector needs very well and tailor their services accordingly.

The experts at Instinctools use a combination of technology, strategy, and data to deliver optimum results.

Established in 2000s with offices located in Stuttgart, Virginia; this IT provider has been growing steadily since its inception having over 200 employees currently on board.

They specialize in core services like custom software development, integration services, consulting services, and much more. Instinctools also provides data analytics solutions and Cloud hosting/management so that customers are able to take advantage of the latest trends in technology.

20. Exaud


Exaud is an esteemed technical consultancy and software development firm that has earned its place at the top of the automotive industry.

By providing competitive pricing, easy to do business strategies, and a wide range of technological solutions for computer vision, game controllers, and digital consumer devices, Exaud has emerged as one of the best software consulting companies in this sector of IT.

Their excellence in customer service centering around both data security and addressing client needs remains unmatched even after 9 years since its foundation.

At their headquarters at Ermesinde, Portugal, Exaud has acquired over 100 employees who are specialized in developing custom software solutions for customers.

This talent pool is well-experienced with multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 10, etc which makes them able to create effective products perfectly tailored to meet customer demands.

Furthermore, their long-term experience helps them address current issues quickly with more confidence while understanding future-proof projects concerning new technologies with ease – all accompanied by an absolute dedication towards ensuring client’s admiration by focusing on quality rather than quantity.

21. Yellow Systems

Yellow Systems

Yellow Systems is an innovative technology company that provides a vast range of customized solutions for businesses of all sizes.

The company focuses on delivering user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use even for complex issues. Their services are specifically designed to be sustainable, maintainable, and scalable, meaning you can get the most out of them without worrying about them becoming outdated or needing other extra resources.

At Yellow Systems, they understand the importance of finding the best solution when it comes to a business’s operational efficiency.

With their expertise and advice, they help you keep costs low while maximizing success.

Founded in 2015 with current offices in San Francisco, Warsaw, and Grzybowska, the company currently employs between 51-200 people to continue delivering outstanding best tech consulting companies from all around the world.

In addition to their core services including UX/UI design and software development services, Yellow Systems also offers hosting services as well as mobile app development for customers planning to go for iOS or Android platforms.

22. KPMG


KPMG is a professional software consulting firm that has been in operation since 1987. The company operates in three primary sectors: Audit (40%), Advisory (38%) and Tax (22%).

KPMG offers several advantages to its customers, such as a commitment to integrity and the use of experts in data analytics and application development.

Additionally, KPMG provides services designed to improve revenue growth, reduce risk, and streamline operations for maximum efficiency.

As a leader in the global consultancy space, KPMG is among the most highly regarded firms on the market.

Forbes listed them as one of their top 10 Most Innovative Professional Services Companies in 2014.

They are ranked 2nd overall by OpRisk & Compliance consultancy and have long-standing partnerships with many well-known corporations around the world.

Clients appreciate their expertise and dedication awarding them numerous awards including multiple SAP Quality Awards for 2015/2016 and “Best Digital Business Consulting Agency” at 2016’s Global Growth Awards.

23. SAP Services

SAP Services

SAP Services is an international company originally founded in 1972 in Waldorf, Germany. The acronym SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in the area of data processing.

Over the years, SAP has grown to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of enterprise application software and related services.

SAP offers a wide range of professional services suited to meet all types of business needs. These include analytics, content and collaboration, customer relationship management, mobile solutions, finance management, sales optimization, product support, and much more.

Their services are designed to help companies maximize their return on investment while streamlining processes such as supply chain management or payroll management that are vital for successful operations.

From the outset, they have focused on delivering both software and consulting expertise together with best-in-class support which sets them apart from most of their competitors.

Furthermore, their intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone regardless of technical background to access solutions without difficulty or unnecessary complications.

24. Wipro


Wipro is a leading Indian IT company that has made history in its first 70 years. Its commitment to cloud-based technology and sustainability makes it one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

Not only does it provide top-of-the-line services designed for cloud computing through its Cloud Studio platform, but Wipro’s AI platform HOLMES is pushing the envelope for enterprise automation with actionable results.

The longevity of the company speaks to its quality of service and success – Wipro was founded in 1945 and has maintained its reputation as a leader amongst South Asian IT solutions providers ever since.

As such, Wipro has been the first ISO 14001 certified IT company in India, and frequently tops Greenpeace sustainability rankings such as NASDAQ. In short, Wipro is a pioneering leader worldwide when it comes to providing reliable IT solutions powered by intelligence and ecological awareness.

25. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a leader in the IT consulting industry, setting a new standard of what can be achieved with modern technology. This Indian-based company provides digital services to public and private entities around the world, specializing in its Digital Operations, Digital Business, and Digital Foundation suites.

Founded as the research and development arm of HCL Enterprise in 1991, HCL Technologies has grown exponentially over the last two decades.

Now conducting operations in 45 countries with an emphasis on infrastructure, this company is continuing to be at the forefront of success by collaborating with IBM and Hitachi in cybersecurity and power grid initiatives.

In addition to its main public divisions, HCL Technologies also focuses on nine individualized business lines that have been optimized for various customer verticals including banking & financial services; retail; public services; life sciences & healthcare; telecommunications; automotive; consumer packaged goods & logistics; manufacturing, energy & utilities; media & entertainment; and travel transportation & hospitality.

Through these efforts, HCL Technologies demonstrates its commitment to developing solutions backed by software that will improve customer performance across all sectors they service.

26. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a global IT consulting firm that has been at the forefront of technological disruption and outsourcing solutions.

Established in 1986 and starting out through its alliance with British Telecom, the company has developed an impressive portfolio of digital solutions, providing services to clients in various industries.

Through its strategic platform TechMNXt, as well as DigitAll philosophy, which focuses on product, process, service, and business model transformation, Tech Mahindra has been dedicated to driving innovation and delivering the best possible outcomes.

In line with this philosophy of excellence and resourcefulness, the company has been actively participating in confronting the global healthcare issues induced by COVID-19.

In particular, Tech Mahindra recently co-filed a patent related to a coronavirus-fighting molecule — a testament to their commitment to pursuing growth even during this unprecedented period.

With offices in 60 countries around the world ready to provide efficient solutions for their client’s needs, Tech Mahindra continues to be one of the leading lights of innovation globally.

27. Suffescom


Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a global IT consulting firm based in New York, USA. Founded over 13 years ago, the company has gained vast experience in the IT world, especially in blockchain, metaverse, and NFT development in the last 6 years.

With a team of highly experienced professionals with a sound understanding of cutting-edge tools and technologies, Suffescom Solutions is dedicated to providing clients with reliable IT solutions.

The primary goal of Suffescom Solutions Inc. is to fuel innovation and ensure success for their clients by delivering state-of-the-art solutions that address a business’s complex our problems.

From system integration and digital transformation initiatives to network security solutions and advanced blockchain services, Suffescom Solutions Inc takes care that all tasks are carried out professionally and efficiently while offering unrivaled customer support.

Furthermore, the company also provides business intelligence services such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence applications, and cloud computing to assist enterprises with their data-driven decisions. Suffescom Solutions Inc continues to be an industry leader when it comes to advanced consulting services for businesses around the globe.

28. Decentaminds — IT Strategy Consulting Firm


Decantamind is a well established and highly successful IT strategy consulting firm. Since its formation in 2013, their team of over 300 experienced engineers and professionals has helped customers from all over the world by providing innovative and customized software solutions and other IT-related support. They are renowned for working on business intelligence solutions, application security systems, ML & AI services, cloud migration, digital business transformation as well as other creative engineering projects.

Decantamind has achieved massive success in the past 25 years due to its high-quality standards and services; they have completed more than 3000 commercial initiatives for its clients across the globe.

The company also prides itself in offering post-launch assistance to ensure that clients get maximum value from their products.

Not only that, but Decantamind’s engineers consist of specialists who are trained to lead teams efficiently by staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. This makes them a desirable choice when looking for a reliable service provider that always delivers great results no matter how complex or challenging the project may seem at first glance.

With Decantaminds’ dedicated team of professionals, you can rest assured you’re making an informed choice when it comes to entrusting them with your IT needs.

29. Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a leading IT consulting company that specializes in custom software development and offers cutting-edge technologies to transform businesses.

With over 16 years of experience, they have become experts in designing and developing the best tech consulting companies services to meet clients’ needs.

What’s more, their team of 1500+ specialists has enabled them to successfully complete over 800 projects, demonstrating their expertise as a go-to solution for businesses looking to stay at the forefront of innovation.

In addition to custom software development and IT strategy consulting services, Innowise Group offers expert assistance to its clients in optimizing their IT infrastructure, aligning their IT strategy with business goals, and crafting effective strategies for implementing new technologies.

Supported by a vast toolset of experienced personnel and tested delivery practices, they provide optimized project delivery timelines that enable customers to receive tangible results faster while expending fewer expenses.

Above all else, Innowise Group prioritizes customer satisfaction; delivering flexible tools for agile implementation with quality results quickly and cost-effectively.

30. M6iT — Top IT Consulting Companies in World


M6iT is one of the top IT consulting companies in the world. It’s based in New York City and provides fixed-cost IT solutions to their clients. Organizations of all sizes across the country have benefited from the services provided by M6iT.

From proactive device management, MDM deployment, onboarding/offboarding, service procurement, automation, employee life cycle support, Infrastructure Security Solutions, Email Security and Backup Solutions—M6iT provides comprehensive IT solutions.

They help businesses streamline their operations and manage their business effectively.

Moreover, their services are easily accessible for small-scale companies as well as large corporates alike with varied budgets.

Dedicated 24/7 customer support makes sure each organization’s needs are taken care of efficiently and quickly.

Additionally, advanced tools like automated processes enable organizations to take calculated decisions for managing multiple operations at once without worrying about unexpected delays or errors due to the manual processing of important tasks.

This helps organizations increase productivity while ensuring dependable results are delivered on time every single time.

Therefore if you’re looking for an efficient IT consulting partner then M6iT should be your first choice!

31. Integris — IT Business Consulting Services


Integris is an IT business consulting service that provides a wide range of solutions and support for clients in the US and abroad.

From managed IT services to cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more, Integris has all of the necessary expertise to help businesses grow. It knows how important it is to have reliable support that understands the individual needs of each client.

This means that the company works hard to use best practices and processes that make sure its customers get the maximum benefit from their IT investments.

Integris ensures that it follows through on every promise made and makes sure every customer gets taken care of properly.

It also goes out of its way to continually educate computers on current technologies, trends, and innovations so they stay ahead of the competition. Along with this personalized customer service approach comes a highly motivated and experienced team who make sure no aspect is overlooked in order for businesses to succeed.

The team at Integris staffs some of the most knowledgeable technicians in order for clients to be able to benefit from their comprehensive skillset; as displayed by providing exemplary IT consulting services for Hanft Fride Duluth Minnesota-based law firm.

32. eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies is a premier IT management consulting firm based in the NYC and Metro NY Area. This full-service IT provider specializes in outsourced IT services, offering a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Their extremely knowledgeable and experienced team members are renowned problem solvers who strive to provide clients with the best possible IT management strategies and security solutions.

eMazzanti’s established relationship with leading merchants such as HP, Watchguard, Xerox, etc., has enabled them to secure numerous accolades over the years.

Their impressive range of services includes cloud hosting & backup, mobile workforce technology, business information optimization, cyber security advice, IaaS solutions, DRaaS and much more.

Since its founding 17 years ago, eMazzanti has grown substantially to now comprise a committed team of 50-249 people. They have worked on numerous projects such as upgrading A+ Personnel’s server which results in improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

33. Vention


Vention is an industry leader in custom software development, providing cutting edge technology services to fast-growing businesses and startups.

With more than 3,000 experienced engineers on staff, Vention has the right combination of expertise and resources to help clients identify and alleviate their pain points related to technology, hiring quality engineers, market challenges, and startup growth.

Using a custom-built strategy tailored to each customer’s unique requirements, Vention approaches software production from every angle with attention to the client’s short-term and long-term goals. From tech stack selection through product development, testing, maintenance, and updates, Vention focuses on delivering solutions that offer both performance and possibility while staying ahead of modern trends.

With teams spread out across 20+ cities in 10+ countries worldwide – including San Francisco, London, Vienna as well as New York – Vention is dedicated to helping successful companies continue scaling up in the most efficient way possible.

34. Cognizant


Cognizant is a global professional services company that provides strategic and tailored consulting services to help businesses achieve their goals. Founded in 1994, Cognizant headquarters are located in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.

The company now boasts over 330,000 employees in locations all around the world, including Auckland, Sheung Wan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Dubai, Guangzhou, Sydney, Copenhagen and Paris.

At Cognizant they provide expertise in industrial sectors such as banking and financial services; healthcare products; identification technologies; life sciences; media; manufacturing; retail – and more.

To do this they use big data analysis as well as understanding consumer needs for improved customer experiences.

Their portfolio of technology-based solutions also helps companies reduce costs by automating processes while driving innovation through increased business agility.

Furthermore, they employ operations optimization techniques in order to maximize productivity for smoother execution of core tasks across an organization’s entire value chain.

Helping clients find the most suitable skills needed to improve the overall quality and agility of their workforce by leveraging proven methodologies such as Human Capital Management practices allows them to increase profit margins too.

35. AccelOne


AccelOne is a software development and talent-sourcing company based in the United States. Founded in 1983, they have become a leader in providing digital solutions to improve businesses’ productivity and quality.

With teams of developers, designers, and project managers, AccelOne is able to take on complex projects with sophisticated applications that include iOS and Android platforms.

AccelOne’s services reach far beyond just software development. Their experts have truly become digital transformation experts, able to provide tailored skills for their customers while also providing valuable advice on business practices throughout the industry. With employees located across the US in Seattle, Nevada, Arizona, and beyond, AccelOne provides exceptional service around the globe to all types of companies.

36. ThinkPalm Technologies Pvt. Ltd

ThinkPalm Technologies

ThinkPalm Technologies is an established and leading provider of software services and product engineering solutions in India. Based out of Kochi, the company caters to various industries such as retail, telecom, media & entertainment, and manufacturing.

Through a combination of in-house solutions as well as third-party services, ThinkPalm has built itself a solid reputation for delivering high-quality results on time.

Founded in 2004, ThinkPalm remains one of the best software consulting companies globally, and that’s in large part due to their efforts in keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends while staying true to its core values of providing exceptional customer service.

Their team of experienced engineers provides strategic consulting solutions to address clients’ technology challenges through customized software development. They also offer hiring quality engineers to meet any business needs efficiently.

ThinkPalm’s range of proficiency covers virtually any domain that requires technology integration – from mobile applications to enterprise systems. With this wide scope of expertise, they are able to confidently meet whatever challenge is put forward with an optimal balance between performance and scalability.

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37. Clarkston Consulting

Clarkston Consulting is a well-established player in the consulting world, known for its global reputation. 

As one of London’s leading software development companies, they specialize in guiding businesses through innovative strategies and embracing new technologies.

In their lineup of services, you’ll find a diverse range of advisory options, including IT strategy and planning, cybersecurity consulting, systems integration, managed analytics, and project management, among others.

Clarkston Consulting’s practical approach to shaping and executing IT strategies has earned them the trust of their clients.

While they don’t reveal the names of their previous clients, their website showcases a variety of real-world case studies that provide a glimpse into their work and expertise.

38. CGI

CGI is a global software consulting company that offers a range of services, including digital transformation, IT consulting, and cybersecurity. 

They have a strong presence in many countries and have worked with clients from various industries. Their team comprises over 77,000 skilled professionals who excel in their fields. 

CGI is known for crafting personalized solutions to help clients achieve their business goals.

39. Enlightenment AI

Enlightenment AI. might be a newer player in the software consulting field, but they’ve quickly gained a reputation as a reliable tech partner. Their primary focus is helping businesses make a real impact and achieve concrete results through an innovative approach to digital strategy.

Enlightenment AI. specializes mainly in data strategy, science, and engineering consulting. However, their talented team is also well-versed in software development and business intelligence services.

They mainly collaborate with start-ups and small businesses, offering their expertise to brands across various industries like finance, healthcare, marketing, web3, retail, and more.

40. Cognizant

Cognizant, founded in 1994, has a simple goal: helping businesses thrive in today’s fast-paced world of technology and digitalization. They have a team of experts who really know their stuff when it comes to software engineering, and they use that knowledge to offer top software consulting companies.

Cognizant is great at giving advice to brands on all sorts of tech challenges, whether it’s about applications, infrastructure, or more advanced areas like data analysis and artificial intelligence that make operations smoother.

They’ve had the chance to work with many different industries over the years, including automotive, banking, healthcare, education, logistics, and more. So, they’ve got a lot of experience and can bring that expertise to the table for their clients.

11 Critical Pain Points That Software Consultancy Aims to Address In 2023

software development consulting firms

The complexity of software development:

Software consultancy provides expert guidance and solutions to help clients navigate the complexities of software development, including coding, testing, architecture, design, project management, and quality assurance.

Technological advancements

The act of consulting helps to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the software industry, helping clients adopt new technologies, frameworks, and methodologies to stay competitive.

Strategic planning and decision-making:

Software consultancy assists clients in formulating strategic plans, defining project scopes, identifying requirements, and making informed decisions about software development approaches, timelines, and budgets.

Innovation and optimization

Any level of consulting, whether its software design related, or development related, it leverages their expertise to identify new opportunities, optimize processes, and improve efficiencies, helping clients stay ahead of the competition and enhance their competitiveness.

Expertise and specialized knowledge

Moving on, getting in touch with software experts brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and industry insights to the table, providing clients with access to specialized expertise that may not be available in-house.

Risk management:

The best software consulting companies help clients identify and mitigate risks associated with software development, including potential issues related to security, quality assurance tests, and compliance.

Client expectations management:

Client expectations are aligned by having a consultation company act as an intermediary between the 3rd party and the actual business.

Problem-solving and overcoming challenges:

Software design and development consultancy also provides solutions and strategies to overcome challenges that may arise during the software development process, such as technical issues, resource constraints, or project delays.

Quality assurance and best practices:

Software development consulting provides recommendations on best practices, quality assurance processes, and industry standards, helping clients ensure that their software development projects meet high-quality standards.

Flexibility and scalability

Moving on, consulting with software designers, or developers offers flexibility and scalability in terms of resources, expertise, and services, allowing clients to scale their software development projects up or down based on their requirements and budget.

Return on investment (ROI)

Lastly, there’s the ROI factor.

In that sense, a business consultant software with experts helps clients maximize their ROI by providing expert advice and solutions that optimize the software development process, resulting in efficient project delivery, reduced risks, and improved business outcomes.


There you have it, some of the best software consulting companies rounded up for you to consult with.

As mentioned earlier, it’s imperative to note that the “best” software consulting companies may vary depending on specific project requirements, industry domains, and client preferences.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, always collaborate with multiple companies; go through their portfolios, turnover rate, and other aspects of the business before signing a contract.

Best of luck.

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Our Mobile App Services empower your business in the digital age. We combine creativity and innovation to craft mobile solutions that engage users and drive results. Whether it’s iOS or Android, we ensure your app delivers exceptional experiences, functionality, and a competitive edge in today’s mobile-centric landscape.


What are some of the mistakes to avoid when signing up for a contract with a software design and development company?

If it’s your first time getting in touch with a software development agency, or you haven’t been around the block for a long time, these tips will help you to avoid different pitfalls.

Not reading the fine print

Many times, companies can include clauses in their contracts that require specific procedures or detailed tasks that must be performed by a customer before any payment can be made.

Failing to read and understand the entire contract can lead to unexpected charges or excessive fees down the road. Make sure you read every single line of your agreement before signing off on anything.

Not setting expectations

Before entering into any type of agreement, it is essential for both parties involved (you and the service provider) to understand exactly what services will be provided, how long projects will take, and who will be responsible for certain tasks.

This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page about project expectations from day one.

Neglecting performance metrics

A contract should clearly describe performance metrics so everyone knows how the success of each project will be measured over time—as well as what happens if these performance standards aren’t met by either party during service delivery or after completion of a project outline within specified timeframes outlined in an agreement between two parties involved in software design & development process.

Ignoring terms & conditions

Companies have different terms and conditions they need customers to adhere to depending on the services you requested from them.

Always make sure you review these carefully and bring up any questions that come up during this process – like specific language around copyright protections – so there won’t be any surprises down the line when dealing with legal matters directly impacting your business operations involving software designing, development or anything else for that matter.

How much do software consultants charge?

 Software consulting fees vary based on the size and scope of the project as well as the type of consultant you hire. For projects ranging from $1000 to over $100 million, fees range from $27 – $935 per hour depending on qualifications and industry experience.

In general, it’s important to thoroughly research different consultants before hiring so as to ensure an understanding of their capabilities and guarantee that they’re a strong fit for your particular task or project.

What is the difference between a developer and a consultant?

Software engineering consultancies are designed to help companies strategize, design, develop, and manage software solutions from start to finish. An experienced consultant for a reputable business consultant software will have expert knowledge of current trends in both hardware and software applications and can provide valuable insight into making the most out of existing resources within an organization.

From innovative solutions for cutting-edge applications to troubleshooting errors encountered upon deployment or debugging existing programs; a software engineer consultancy has you covered no matter what the challenge may be. By working closely with clients throughout every step of development projects they’re able to identify potential risks early on helping organizations achieve maximum ROI upon completion every time.