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IT Marketing Small & Medium Business
Netpace designed and developed a web based system for Cisco’s Reseller Marketplace to simplify the task of procurement. The site provided easy-to- use and intelligent Product Selection, Product Comparison, Product Ordering and Distributor Shopping tools.

• Designed a flexible and scalable system for handling Cisco’s future growth
• Provided Intelligent Management
• Reports based on the data collected
• Provided real time pricing and complete access to historical information

Verizon Developer Community
Netpace delivered Verizon's VZDC, the next generation web portal for Verizon Developers. The new design allows developers access to: developer resources, community/blogs, forums, news and event details, conferences, instructional and marketing Videos, and handset details.

• Device Catalog • Document Management
• Web Content Management
• Video Catalog Management
• Content Platform and Repository
• Robust Workflow
• API for Integration

Global Compensation System
The solution was to upgrade the reporting infrastructure from Crystal to Business Objects. This resulted in a total revamp of the reporting framework including migration of all Crystal Reports to Business Objects reports.

• The system was able to generate 3,000 reports per hour based with 200   concurrent users generating compensation profile reports
• Tremendous improvement compared to the previous 2,000 reports per day

Enterprise – Application Development
Netpace deployed suite of applications for building a major scalable application in ASP- mode for users.

• Integrated workflow with discrete authorization stages
• Built-in data validation and checking routines
• Automated alerts, reminders and reporting
• Automated data flow to and from external databases and systems
• Automatic source data refresh - reduced cycle time from 48hrs to 3hrs

Zions Bank
Overview Mobile Banking
Delivered range of services to customers through its Wireless Banking. Used the Netpace proprietary, goWare Application Platform, to extend banking to Internet enabled cell phones

• Billpay Billing Application
• J2EE Development Environment
• Access Control for Applications on IAS
Blue Zorro provides managed offshoring & outsourcing services. Under the managed-services model, we deliver a specified capability with a desired level of service for a given price. Our objective is to change the traditional model for contracting offshore services, by focusing on the quality of services delivered rather than the usual benchmarks of costs per offshore hire.

Why Blue Zorro?

  • Gain more than just the low cost advantage!
  • Lock in service levels and avoid the frustration of managing offshore teams.
  • Deal with experts who understand your business domain to clearly identify offshoring demands.
  • Ensure a smooth transition to a new offshoring model by investing in upfront exchange of business domain knowledge.
  • Set few and measurable performance metric affecting high level goals.
  • Engage with highly skilled professionals and get high value service.

Advantages with Blue Zorro

  • We have over a decade of experience in running offshore offices globally.
  • We are flexible, goal-oriented and have performance based contracts.
  • We have depth in business domain knowledge.
  • We have strong in-house employee development programs.
  • We exemplify cultural affinity and onshore presence.
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