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With any industry, Blue Zorro’s experiences with hundreds of companies globally, have given us valuable insight to help our clients maximize their customer relationships.
  • Banking & Financial Services

    We have an array of offerings for the financial services industry. Our objective is to help our clients grow profitable relationships through a consultative and value-additive approach. The range of solutions is designed to provide domain-specific capabilities for various financial services.
  • Communications

    We provide outsourcing and customer management solutions to leading telecommunications companies to help support their business needs and objectives. Our global work is designed to assist customers, generate new revenue openings, gain profit opportunities and provide actionable business intelligence nationwide.
  • Consumer Goods & Services

    We deliver superior experience from the first product purchase to the end of its lifespan, as well as all consumer touch points in between.
  • Electronics & High Tech

    We tap into our industry expertise, integration capabilities and high impact solutions to help our clients launch new offerings, compete more effectively in the converging marketplace and optimize business performance
  • Energy & Utilities

    We extend our clients marketing efforts by providing a personalized and knowledgeable touch to their customer services. We bring deep industry knowledge, world class capabilities, innovation and cutting-edge technology to help raise performance to a higher degree.
  • Health

    Our experts have years of experience in the healthcare business and understand the business models that succeed in all channels of the health industry. Performing the highest level of services and sales support is our goal.
  • Industrial Equipment

    We provide innovation, strategy expertise and support to businesses striving to maintain their strong industry value and accelerate to a greater level of performance.
  • Media & Entertainment

    We assist entertainment companies in developing innovative customs to efficiently create, distribute and legitimize content in the evolving media & entertainment environment.
  • Public Service

    We facilitate health, government and other public service organizations to achieve a high level of performance. We help our clients deliver superior social, economic and health outcomes for their customers.
  • Public Transportation

    We focus on bringing improvements to authorities and operators of public transportation by integrating business processes, decreasing operating costs and improving efficiencies.
  • Retail

    We have experience in back-end systems integration, product support delivery, and implementation to drive high performance in the retail business industry.
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